• Strom-Boje®


    The Strom-Boje® is the world’s most powerful, stable power station
    in the river.

  • Die Strom-Boje®

    Advantages & performance

    Great energy, robust, high yield

  • Fields of application & market opportunities

    Fields of application & market opportunities

The Strom-Boje –
using the power from the current

Since 2008 Fritz Mondl and his associates have, with a great deal of research, made the Strom-Boje the only functioning and profitable power generator in the free current worldwide. It took much longer than planned and cost much more than we thought. But it was worth the effort.

Unfortunately, the first planned project on the Middle Rhine, Germany cannot be realized on site for financial reasons. Therefore, the first newly developed Strom-Boje 3.1 will soon be put into service in the Wachau, Austria.

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