Strom-Boje® - hydrokinetic turbine

The Strom-Boje® is the world’s most powerful, stable and – as the only one – even century high water surviving power station in the river. The Strom-Boje 3 is designed for large rivers such as the Danube, Rhine or Inn. With its 250cm rotor, it delivers up to 100 kW of rated power at a flow rate of 3.6m/s. Depending on site quality, it can deliver up to 350 MWh per year. Day and night, 8750 hours a year of reliable basic electricity.

The dimensions: length 1100cm, max. width at diffusor 535cm, max. height at bow 340cm, net weight 7 t, weight, length of chain, buoyancy and current pressure ensure that the current buoy always adjusts itself automatically in the strongest current just below the water surface at normal water levels and protects itself against flotsam by submerging in case of high water. The power unit consists of a variable-speed, gearless PM synchronous generator, which is driven by a two- or three-bladed, slowly rotating (50 – 120 rpm), fish-friendly rotor with highest efficiency.

A self-cleaning screen made of PE-sheathed steel cables effectively protects the inlet and the rotor from small and large flotsam, as well as swimmers and boats from contact with the rotor. The entire system was designed for a service life of at least 175,000 hours. The turbine is constantly monitored via GSM remote inquiry and can be serviced within a short time.

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