The market opportunities of the Strom-Boje®

The market opportunities of the Strom-Boje® exist everywhere in the world with more than 500mm of precipitation per year and fast-flowing rivers with more than 100m³ of water flow per second. We start in Austria, Switzerland, Germany and Slovakia, where there are more than 100 approved or projected sites and many more planned sites. However, we will also quickly orient ourselves worldwide, because there is a huge demand for electrical energy, which in remote areas, due to a lack of grids, has so far been provided with diesel generators, which are not environment-friendly and also expensive.

The bond gives us the opportunity to produce larger quantities quickly. For 10 years we have been receiving delegations from all over the world, from Canada to Chile, from Peru to Congo, from Russia to India and New Zealand, who preferred to use Strom-Bojen. In addition, there are international funding programs that are urgently waiting for the market launch of the Strom-Boje. Last but not least, we want to take advantage of the opportunities soon to make economic use of ocean currents with a technology similar to the Strom-Boje, but built on a larger scale. The solutions developed to date in Scotland, Norway and the USA have proved to be ambitious and expensive, and due to their lack of practical suitability they have proved to be uneconomical. Here, our ingeniously simple concept offers considerable advantages that we would like to introduce.

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