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Aqua Libre GmbH

The company was founded by Fritz Mondl in November 2015 as Aqua Libre Finanzierungs- GmbH (ALF) in order to complete the series development of the Strom-Boje with the use of bonds. The 3rd prototype, completed in 2016, has also achieved this goal, and further improvements in performance and production methods have been achieved in order to be able to offer the Strom-Boje at competitive costs and in best quality. In addition, the company has succeeded in attracting renowned, innovative, outstanding suppliers for steel construction, plastic diffusers and generators, including electronics, for series production, with whom international markets can now also be entered.

In July 2019, the cooperation with Aqua Libre Energieentwicklungs GmbH, which discontinued research and development for financial reasons, ended. In order to explain the situation to the media, we have renamed the company Aqua Libre GmbH. At the same time, we have rejuvenated and strengthened ourselves, we have added new shareholders: Son Maximilian Mondl, economic geographer and business economist, now as authorized signatory, as well as the daughters Gundi and Stephanie Mondl, who will strongly support us in marketing and administration.

Stromboje Erfinder Fritz Mondl
Fritz Mondl
Inventor and brand owner of the Strom-Boje®. I am happy to answer your questions personally.
Aqua Libre GmbH
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