Advantages & Performance

Vorteile der Stromboje

The Strom-Boje® is by far the most environmentally friendly hydroelectric power plant ever, and is suitable for medium and large rivers. For the first time, it offers an ecological alternative to conventional hydroelectric power plants, preserving river sections worthy of protection in their natural state and still generating the most environmentally friendly electricity economically and in large quantities, thus making villages, cities and regions energy self-sufficient – here in Europe, but also worldwide.

Hardly any constructional requirements:

  • no dams, no locks, no fish ladders
  • no decades of disturbance of the local residents by huge construction sites
  • no noise, dust and construction site traffic, only necessary
  • a drilled bar anchor, a chain and a cable at the bottom of the river

Conservation of nature:

  • no disruption of the landscape
  • no endangerment of fish, birds, beavers and other river animals
  • no danger to swimmers and water sports enthusiasts
  • no impairment of river ecology and water quality, on the contrary
  • the Strom-Boje promotes the self-cleaning power of the river
  • the free flow of the river remains, is not slowed down
  • the water level is not affected
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